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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in the heart of the city a man living on the street attac attacked in the middle of the day and witnesses say it got pretty rough. thanks for joining us at 6:00i iain page i'm lucy noland. that attack came less than two weeks than similar attack that turn deadly. bruce gordon has been following this story live in center city. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, luce you would like to think during this christmas season what with all decorations around and festive holiday spirit that we'd be showing our homeless population around here a little extra kindness. but video obtained by fox 29 shows anything but. video posted to facebook shows two younger men challenging a 55-year-old homeless man. he stumbles and falls they begin pounding him as a police officer rushes to break up the beating. the monday afternoon incident happened right next to the news stan at 15th and jfk operate opd by ghandi. >> homeless guy they beat him very badly. i think scratches on his, you know, the cheek and all. >> they were punching him pretty
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good. >> yeah. >> reporter: officer quickly catches one of the brawlers and taser in hand halls him back to the scene. 18-year-old david thinking penn charged with simple assault and reckless endanger many. no word on what became of the second person pounding the homeless man. we track down the beating victim tuesday. he did not wish to talk to us but the incident comes just nine days after the fatal beatin beag another homeless person kevin cullen allegedly at the hands of a group of teens. >> this certainly has been up tick just in the last fewer weeks of violence. you know, we always worry because people who are on the street are so vulnerable. >> reporter: liz hirsh directs philadelphia's homeless servic services. >> there's lot of violence in the culture here. right. there's a lot of bullying conversation and i think that translates down the. >> reporter: hirsh says drug addition who find themselves out to the street get less sympathy from the public she estimates that 80% of the nearly 1,000 chronically homeless men and women in physical the victims of
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those verbal and physical assaults suffer from mental illness. >> there are people who don't have a place to live but they're still people and it's so ease city object if i people and treat them like they're dispensable or disposable rather than as human beings who are suffering. >> reporter: of course there are plenty of happy stories out there. like the incredible generosity shown to the homeless man turned good samaritan the south jersey woman ran out of gas on a local highway for too many of our homeless men and women our most vulnerable are facing cruelty that seems particularly out of place at this time of year. lucy? >> all right. indeed it is. thank you very much. pennsylvania state police are hoping you can help catch the guy they say blew up mailboxes in chester county. investigators say that this man blew up several throughout franklin township. now, it happened two different times april 1st once. august 20th the second time. but state police are just now releasing this photo of who they're after. investigators say he was ride ago small dirt bike and in his
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late teens possibly 20s. if you know anything, call police. police say this is the woman who stabbed a man to death in south philadelphia. prosecutors have charged 23-year-old savannah farrow with murder. they say farrow stabbed 65-year-old michael massaro to death in his home early monday morning over a disagreement. a bill in the house of representatives under minds the second amendment rights of pennsylvania citizens according to the state attorney general and the philadelphia police commissioner. attorney general josh shapiro joined police commissioner richard ross today to announce their opposition to a concealed carry bill that just passed the house judiciary commit team the bill considered by the full house as early as tomorrow would allow people to carry a concealed firearm in any state including pennsylvania as long as they're permitted to do so in their state of residence. shapiro and ross both say the potential law would undermine pennsylvania's state law. we don't know what those
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perm holders have gone through in order to be licensed as well as whether they even had background in some cases so it is very problematic for us. >> the bill sponsor representative richard hudson says it's silly for law abiding citizens to cross state lines and then quote automatically become a criminal. fox 29 weather authority right now. hopping outside take live look at the ben franklin parkway. i just want to ask a quick question, because it is december, right? >> it doesn't feel like it out there. i'll tell was but enjoy it while you can because i can tell you it's not going last. also a little bit of rain on the way as kathy orr joins us now with little check of our forecast. kathy? >> what a day indeed. guys, temperatures in the 60s today. tomorrow we're only going to be in the 40s. it's pretty night out there. some rain moving in to philadelphia finally the temperatures 57 in the city. but look at these wind particles coming up from the south and that means it's going stay mild at least through tonight and that colder air will be moving in tomorrow. you can see rain along thattism
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name corridor with pockets of heavier rain to the north and west. and still hanging around 295. and the turnpike from lawnside up 295 toward fellowship, cherry hill, haddonfield toward stan wick, moorestown and into willingboro. we've had some training going on around here right along 295 going over the same locations over and over with pockets of heavy rain so please be aware of that if you're traveling this evening. 42 overnight in philadelphia. 29 in the poconos. 36 in pottstown. overnight 43 degrees in dover. coming up, we say goodbye to that mild air and we're talking about a huge drop in temperature with two chances of snow in the seven day. i'll be back with in just a few minutes. for now we'll send it back to you. light jacket tonight, iain. not the case tomorrow. >> thanks for the warning kathy. >> breaking news we're on of now out of west philadelphia. skyfox live over a possible car into the water. philadelphia police say they got some calls about a car into the water on the 2300 block of mlk
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drive just after 5:00. so far no injuries have been reported. we'll stay on top of this for you. police are asking for your help to find this woman. she is 75-year-old bessie williamson. please take good look here. she has dementia the last time someone who knows her saw her was last night around 7:00 in the 2700 block of north bonsall street. if you know anything that can help find her call the northwest detective division or dial 911 if you know where she is. >> police in philadelphia asking for help in tracking down a couple of armed robbers. check out this surveillance video shows how it all went do down. monday at a grocery store in the 2,000 block of ma dairy avenue in the ogontz neighborhood. one of the guys was armed with a semi automatic handgun they went behind the counter, stole money from the register, they also took cell phones and money from the employee before leaving. so if you know anything, call police. happening right now, two men are in custody tonight after surveillance cameras caught them stealing a walker that a ten-year-old girl with cerebral palsy use to walk.
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new castle county police says that video she is a pair pulp to the family's wilmington driveway grab that walker and take off. people in the community are coming together to help that girl. our jeff cole is live outside the new castle county police department with more. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, i want to tell you that this ten-year-old girl is a remarkable child while disappointed over the loss of her walker, she seems absolutely joyful over the community support. >> kirsten edwards alexander looks at the world with a sophistication and grace well beyond her ten years. >> i'm like, that is very grateful that most people wanted to help me. >> reporter: they wanted to help this child with cerebral palsy after learning that last thursday her walker had been stolen from her folks yard. stolen and scrapped. >> i think that it's good that they have been arrested 'cause
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it was extremely hard not having a walker because if i don't walk i'm going get tight back here. >> reporter: there have been arrests. 51-year-old leland watson and 49-year-old donald kale of new castle have been charged with felon thee theft. a neighbor's security camera captured a white truck stopping in front of kirsten's delaware home thursday and one of the men tossing the shiny blue walker into the back. >> we received an non muss tip from the citizens and that led to the officers, patrol officers for last night able to make the apprehension. >> reporter: but the walker was destroyed. >> so you had to come all the way up here, pick it up and walk all the way back down here. >> her mother says watson and kale arrived at her home late last night before their arrests with a message. >> came by the house here last it in around 11:30 last night. they decided they were going to knock on the door and first apologize for taking her walker saying that they thought it was scrap, and they decided to bring another walker with them. >> reporter: the family says
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they're moved by the outpouring of support from the public and must now find the right walker for their child. kirsten the gal with the bright smile and a true sense of justice. >> i think that it was good that they apologized, but i'm still a little mad about them taking that walker but i'm also glad that they are in the jail learning their lesson. >> reporter: police have confiscated the walker that was brought by the suspects. they've made bail. kirsten will return to fifth grade and medical procedures that may some day help her to walk live in new castle county, delaware, i'm jeff cole fox 29 news. iain. >> jeff, thank you. four boys wanted by delaware police for attempted robbery. one may be as young as eight years old. state police releasing these surveillance pictures of the four boys who they say tried to rob a 56-year-old woman outside a dollar tree sunday night. authorities say one of the four showed a 95 to the woman as she
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was leaving the store. they followed her to her car and took her purse. when the woman says she was going to call police, they dropped the purse and ran. police say two of the four are likely between the ages of 12 and 16. one is between eight and 11 years old. pennsylvania state corporal shot on the job last month is out of the hospital final toll night. police say a man who corporal seth kelly and another trooper had stopped shot kelly. this all started as routine traffic stop on november 7th. investigator sauce when the troopers tried to arrest the man he resisted and fired hitting kelly. the troopers fired back hitting the driver who did survive. 22-year-old daniel clary faces charges in the shooting. on a mission to get philadelphia to go green. the campaign underway to get residents using more solar energy. local school district gets a big boost. a $50,000 grant. what it's being used for to improve students learning experience. kristen? >> iain, the eagles know they're playing another play off caliber
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team in the rams this week. so how does doug pederson refocus his guys? here's michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received.
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darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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police in philadelphia are trying to find this guy who robbed a cvs it happened last sunday on the 24 hen of hundred block of are a a minute go avenue. the kensington -- in kensington he pulls a gun on the cashier demands the employee open the register and safe. he did get some money and take off. he was driving a white sedan so if you've got any information police would love to hear from you. septa police have two new recruits tonight. >> yup k9 donated by local non private k9-kilo and kntiko there they are graduated today. the throw away dogs project donated the pups to the septa transit authority. throw away dogs program is amazing. local rescue. the non-profit gives dogs
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shelter dogs a new purpose in life turning them into police dogs for departments that cannot avenue for the incredible expense these newest crime fighters and four other dogs that graduated from the penn vet working dog center for patrol training went through intensive training newly graduated k9s hit the streets for the first time& on the job tomorrow. today knife .7 ben fm held their annual adopt a family radio thon to help bring christmas cheer to hundreds of families this holiday season. they broadcast live today from 6:00 in the morning until 6:00 tonight from the roth map institute cabin at dilworth park and encourage listeners to make a donation to help volunteers of america, delaware, valleys adopt a family program. it buys gifts hahnly today meals for hundreds of less fortunate families and shelters and surrounding community. last year's radio thon raised more than $50,000. station expects this year's total to be even higher. >> happening right now in philadelphia, phase one is done and cam main to get
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philadelphians to embrace solar energy. as part of solar rise philly 186 homeowners have already received or are getting solar panels installed on their homes. 18 high schools students are now trained to do just that. they can install solar panels now. the philadelphia energy authority oversees solar arrived philly as part of the city's 1 billion-dollar campaign to advance energy fish see and clean energy in the buildings across the city. >> it's important for two reasons. one is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of one knows about climate change. but there's another reason. it is one of the best methods for economic development within the city. clean energy creates jobs and we're creating jobs through these programs. >> which is great thing. just trying to wrap my mind around philadelphia having a billion dollar program for something like this. next solar arrived philly enroll many period is early 2018 and subsidized financing option
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available for low and moderate homes. all right. we're tracking breaking news right now. got to go to west philadelphia. skyfox in the air over market street and 63rd where apparently a driver has hit somebody who was walking. police ended up there at about 5:00 p.m. paramedic took the victim to children's hospital of philadelphia. so therefore we can maybe surmise that this was a child. we do not know the child's condition or exactly what happened as we get more information we will of course bring the to you. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's live look in doylestown, bucks county. feels kind of more like september than december. >> i would have to agree with that. however, very soon it will feel very much like december. major cool down on the way. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds.
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in weather we're talking about warm but wet conditins right through this evening. we have southerly winds ahead of a cold front. the rain moving along the i-95 corridor and into south jersey. we had a few showers along 295 and also the turn spike in south jersey but now a solid line moving in so if it's raining where you are now, it's going to for the next couple of hours. 57 in philadelphia. the high today 63. winds out of the west south we have at 9 miles an hour. it's 48 in the poconos. 57 in philadelphia and wilmington. 63 in dover and 60 in ac and wildwood. as we go hour by hour you can see the rain pulling through even into the evening hours. through trenton, philadelphia and interior south jersey. some heavier rain by about nine, 10:00 o'clock and then behind this drying out during the overnight. the front swings through. clouds during the morning increasing sun during the afternoon. when you look at the amount of rain it's not a lot. but it will be falling in short period of time. so basically around half an inch
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up to 710ths of an inch in the poconos as it moves through tomorrow morning. and then it's just out of here. when we look at the temperatures you have mild temperatures with those southerly winds along the coastal plane and then you have these westerly winds coming from obviously the midwest and the northwest where you see those blue contours that is the much cooler air. it will be a shock to the system consider this. 60 today's. that blue contour, that's 40s tomorrow. that arctic blast sends into the region by friday into saturday and we're talking about highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s. cold enough for snow. as weak system moves by late friday and early saturday there is a chance that we can see some light snow showers especially through south jersey and that would be early saturday morning. so keep an eye on that. overnight lows in the fours in philadelphia to the north and west some 30s 20s the high tomorrow with increasing sun only frick degrees with temperatures instead or falling throughout the afternoon as cold air moves in. take a look it gets cooler.
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thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, highs around 40 degrees. the morning low sunday 28. monday the high 41. by tuesday a chance of a morning snow shower the morning low 32 with the afternoon high 42. that's well below normal. it is december after all. that's a look at your seven day forecast. we'll be back with kristen
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♪ the eagles are in new spot this week. not only because they're coming off loss, but also because they're staying the week in los
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angeles to prep for the rams. the birds know they had to cut down on distractions. they have to but how does doug pederson change things at practice after their loss? >> i think the messaging can change. how i address the football team and sort of bring to light, um, the fact that listen we're ten and two still a good football team. severing in our control. and that's the beauty this whole thing. severing still right in front of us. we just have to embrace that and understand that and prepare like we have and get ready for the rams next sunday. >> the eagles had chance to help out habitat for humanity in orange county yesterday. to help build houses for people in southern california. it was a chance for the birds notable give back to the community but grow closer together. >> bonding time is really really big as far as, um, what we do on the field because, um, you can't just be a football team. you have to be a brotherhood and it starts off the field by doing things like this.
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>> last night steelers bengals game was pretty violent now and because of that pittsburgh receiver are each suspended one game for their hits. neither player was actually ejected though. from the game. the suns were too hot nor 76ers. booker 46 points against philly was just too much for them to handle. and because philly was at home and had ben simmons and joel embiid on the floor brett brown says the loss is inexcusable. >> a game like this is -- is without a doubt a missed opportunity. you only have so many times that you're able to poke yourself in the eye. tonight was one of these -- those for us here at home, and we walk out of the this gym not feeling great at all about very much of what we did tonight. >> the international olympic committee has suspended russia from the upcoming winter olympic games in pyongyang after their
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doping allegations rug athletes will have to compete neutrally. this is unprecedented for the opening ceremonies that's where a lot of people will look they'll walk behind the olympic rings and that's where you see athletes from war torn countries not septembered by their own country. that is where they walk behind as well. so crazy to think about. >> the question is whether they'll actually be able to attend if russia boycotts officially? >> yes. >> we'll see -- they are invited as long as they're clean. >> and we'll see what they,, what russia says about it all. >> joining us tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. the holiday season all about giving and this year one north carolina woman is receiving a gift of life from an unlikely source. we've got that story. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. thanks for watching. have a great night. ♪ michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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or larger hot chocolate. america runs on dunkin'. right now on "page 6 tv." what is it about alec baldwin getting his own tv show? they diss a wedding and then get kicked out. and why is deejay's son the most talked-about one-year-old in the universe? all answers now on "page 6 tv." >> welcome to "page 6 tv." would you please welcome our "page 6 tv" reporter, and our head of relations. here are the day's top stories. you guys in the audience, some


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